Walk and Roll to School Challenge



Dust off your walking shoes and pump up your bike tires - it’s time for the Walk and Roll to School Challenge!

Participate in an active commute on Clean Air Day (June 6) or any other day during Environment Week (June 2-8); submit your results, and your school could be the next winner of an active school travel assembly and Mayor Watts’ Golden Shoe trophy. 

The Golden Shoe Trophy!



HASTE is the Hub for Active School Travel in BC, where we know that walking, rolling, skating, or scooting is not only fun but also great for the environment.

  1. The First Step: Register your school below! Deadline May 24th, 2013. Receive our teacher friendly hands-up survey templates and promotion resources and ideas.
  2. The Challenge: Each school will be asked to use these resources to promote and record their active commute on Clean Air Day (June 6th) or any other day between Environmental Week (June 2nd-8th).
  3. The Golden Shoe: Submit your hands-up survey results (70%) along with a short summary (30%) as to how you engaged your classroom or school in this year’s challenge. Winners will receive the Mayor's Golden Shoe Award presented by Surrey's Mayor Diane Watts herself! (2012 Winner)
  4. Environmental Extravaganza 2013 School Challenge: submit videos or pictures with your results and your school could also win the overall Environmental Extravaganza School Challenge!

Don’t forget to visit the rest of our website for programs and resources to further help your school reduce its transportation impacts and increase active, healthy, safe and green trips to school year-round. Find out more about ongoing School Travel Planning opportunities in Surrey at these City of Surrey or HASTe BC links.


Or the name of the person coordinating your school's participation in the Walk n Roll Challenge
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