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HASTe has a new and improved student travel calculator called iSchoolTravel. iSchoolTravel can help individuals and groups measure their impacts arising from transportation to and from school. Its unique ability to balance accuracy, details, student identity safety, simplicity and fun allows easy access to measurable and meaningful results. Access the web version of the calculator below.

Teachers or school administrators can also customize the calculator for individual schools and use the iSchoolTravel tool set to capture classroom travel demographics.  Through the purchase (for a small fee) of Classroom Codes, teachers or administrators can:

  • Pre-configure the calculator with the school name and address, local cost of gasoline, and unit of measure (imperial or metric)
  • Add a customized welcome message that displays when the calculator is access and the purchased Classroom Code is entered.
  • Pre-configure travel mode attribute survey questions which display at the end of the calculation
  • Establish a classroom database where students can "pledge" their current and planned travel results for anonymous upload
  • Access uploaded data for analysis and reporting, either for in-classroom exploration, developing a classroom goal for programs such as iWalk week or Bike to School Week, or as a pre and post active travel engagement program results comparison.

The ability to customize the calculator and access classroom and school travel impacts results data is available through the purchase of Classroom Codes.  Visit our associated website, for more information and the purchase of the codes.  Classroom Codes are available online for as low as $10 per individual classroom (up to 35 students)  per year or $100 for a school (25 classroom cods and unlimited students) per year. Revenue earned from the purchase of the Classroom Codes help support HASTe's future operation and continued development of unique tools.

The original version of the calculator, MyTravel is also available. It is written in Flash. You can launch this version of the calculator by clicking the Flash button on the right (or here if the version you see is too big for your screen) It's fast, powerful and looks great.


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