School Travel Planning in Surrey

The City of Surrey first became involved with School Travel Planning (STP)  in the second phase of the National STP pilot projects in 2009. HASTe in partnership with it's community partners are now supported by the City to continue the success of STP in 2012/13.

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Baseline classroom and family surveys have taken place at Bonaccord, Fraser Wood and KB Woodward Elementary schools, and, together with Strawberry Hill, best route to school mapping is being developed. New to Surrey is Cool Routes to School program engagement, to help the actioning side of the school travel planning process.

In the 2010/11 school year the national CLASP pilot had added; Berkshire Park, HT Thrift, Hazelgrove and Cedar Hills. STP consultive work with all stakeholders is a valuable in-depth extension of Surrey Engineering's ongoing school site traffic assessment being undertaken at every Surrey school (122 school sites).

At all four new schools week-long traffic counts, classroom and family surveys, and walkabouts with stakeholders took place. Action Plans were developed, tailored for each unique community with their own school STP committee. Cedar Hiils have developed walking school bus routes, and HT Thrift had walk to school days and hockey theme challenges with student-hosted greeting stations. Berkshire Park held challenges involving the entire school community and have walking school buses. Below is the school's sign, similar to that at Cedar Hiils. In spring 2012 it was proudly carried by students in a long celebratory walking school bus with Mayor Watts.


Hazelgrove Elementary held a very successful kick-off April 20 for the seven week Surrey Environmental Extravaganza Walk and Roll to School Challenge.

All three original STP pilot schools; George Greenaway, Bridgeview and Strawberry Hill elementary schools, have completed School Travel Plans that include Action Planning to help address a common survey response: I would let my child walk to school if they didn't have to walk alone. To support some unique issues, work is underway to help make a safer social and road safety environment. Such examples exist in the Bridgeview neighbourhood; a joint city, classroom and family project to make safe, friendly and beautify, a cross community walking path, and parents have a successful daily walking school bus. Check out this special feature video 'Walk with Us: Bridgeview on the Move' with parents interviewed by students: Congratulations Bridgeview!

George Greenaway Elementary hosted the 2010 kick-off to Surrey's 7 week Environmental Extravaganza to launch their own walk promotion efforts. Singer Charlotte Diamond helped the school celebrate neighbourhood walking groups at a performance assembly involving dance and songs such as the 'Walking School Bus', and invited guests including School Trustee Laurae McNally and Mayor Diane Watts. Families were thrilled to have their Mayor join them on a walk to school on Earth Day April 22.

Strawberry Hill Elementary is the school on the busiest thoroughfare. In partnership with BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation in fall 2010 free signs were provided. These are erected in the school zone for a few weeks at the beginning of each school term to remind drivers to Slow Down!

During iwalk week in October 2010 Mayor Watts visited Bridgeview Elementary. Here she shares her own Golden Shoe Trophy with the school's walking school bus and supporters! This Mayor's Trophy will be shared with George Greenaway Elementary, in recognition of both schools' ongoing efforts for active school travel, initiated during the City of Surrey's annual Environmental Extravaganza.

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