STICK TO IT Surrey Active School Travel Challenge - SIGN UP HERE!

OK, that's it! Sign up below and good luck!

Make sure you get all your information submitted on the webform by June 8th.

• Two weeks worth of classroom travel data (before and after).
• The results of the travel data and a brief write-up of the active travel initiative you took (on webform).

Don't forget to include both these items on the webform as this is how you'll be judged!

If you have any other questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch;


if other than the Principal
Which of the above best describes your relationship to the school?
Let us know how your school responded to the STICK TO IT challenge. You can use the form above or let us know via email at

While you are here, check out a special Surrey school community feature from last year entitled, 'Walk with Us: Bridgeview on the Move' - parents interviewed by students on the importance of walking to school:

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