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Kelowna faces hard choices on bike paths

Tue, 12/21/2010


KELOWNA, B.C.— From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Like their counterparts in Vancouver, officials in Kelowna are embracing separated bike paths as a way to get people out of their cars. But unlike Vancouver, Kelowna has managed to avoid a backlash....

Biking Makes Teens Smarter (But Just the Girls)

Mon, 12/20/2010

He cautioned, however, that not all commutes are equal -- a walk through European cities, with their cafes and shops, can be much more stimulating than a walk through a typical North American suburb, which could impact the benefits teens get from it. Plus, not every commute is safe, if kids have...

Burnaby considers reducing car speeds on bike routes

Sun, 12/19/2010

Burnaby considers reducing car speeds on bike routes


Burnaby is considering following Vancouver’s lead in making roads safer for cyclists by imposing a 30-km/h speed limit on streets with designated bike paths in north Burnaby....

Leadership students give nod to YES

Wed, 12/15/2010


By Arlene Jongbloets - 100 Mile House Free Press

Leadership class students at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School (PSO) are pretty excited about a certain program that has made a big difference in their lives, and the lives of class members before them.

It’s a...

Can Flying Ever Be Green?

Tue, 12/14/2010


By James Marasa

Can the aviation industry ever be sustainable? Aviation may only be responsible for 2 percent of global CO2 output,1 but that’s 13 percent of the world’s transportation fuels each year,2 or 670 tonnes (metric tons) of CO2 annually.3 It would take...

Newsmaker of the Year

Fri, 12/10/2010

Bike infrastructure, lack of public consultation about bike lanes, the impact on downtown businesses and the environment. No other Vancouver issue prompted hotter debate in 2010 - the year of the bicycle.

By Barry Link, Vancouver Courier December 10, 2010

The bicycle...

$14-billion transit plan aims to raise ridership and reduce emissions

Mon, 12/06/2010


I'd like to take this opportunity to correct statements by the Opposition leader about transit services in Metro Vancouver ( Better planning, stable funding needed for transit projects, Nov. 26).

New transit expansion is coming online all the time in Metro Vancouver. This is...

5 tips for walking to school with your kid

Mon, 11/29/2010


Posted by The Green Mama on Nov 29, 2010

In this guest blog, Linda Solomon of the Vancouver Observer discusses how to make walking to school fun for kids.


Many adults love walking. But how to make it fun for a kid? I've been exploring how to do...

Project ECO

Wed, 11/24/2010


Vancouver School Board and BC Hydro are teaming up to launch a program for Vancouver schools to teach staff, teachers and students to conserve electricity and other resources at school.

The pilot program will take place three secondary schools Prince of Wales, Windermere and...

Horse Lake Elementary school gets solar power

Wed, 11/24/2010

By Carole Rooney - 100 Mile House Free Press

The next wave of solar energy funding will provide cleaner, greener learning at Horse Lake Elementary School.

About $17,800 in capital funding has been announced for solar panels to generate the hot water needs and improve energy...

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