Learn About Transportation Emissions and Active School Travel

This is the jumping off point for the rest of the website. HASTe has a host of information, tools, resources and connections to help you take action on school transportation emissions - but where to start?

Where to Begin is a comprehensive list of ways different parts of the school community can take action on transportation emissions. The Issues sets the context for emissions reduction. You'll learn about why Canadians act and travel the way they do, what kinds of impacts our travel habits are having, and what has and can be done about it. The Facts presents the truth about travel emissions and their impacts as laid out by Canadian experts. We hope Example Programs will give you some ideas about how to bring ideas to life by presenting short case studies on projects that have had success at BC schools. And in Webinars, we'll introduce the workshops - both online and in person - offered through HASTe, what each deals with and how to participate.

All set? Dive in!

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