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Bike to School Week Champion - Tu Loan Trieu

If a little friendly competition helps you to get motivated then this week's post will probably do the trick. Tu Loan Trieu, Librarian and Classroom Teacher at Hillcrest Middle School in Coquitlam, has led her school to BTSW Championships for two consecutive years. She's looking for a third title, but she's not the type to let you know about it. Keep reading her story here.

Tu Loan Trieu leads an active lifestyle and attempts to cycle to work at least a couple of days a week (it is an hour commute one way!).

Bike to School Week Champion - Liz Cramb

To gear up for Bike to School Week this year (May 30 - June 3) we'll be profiling a number of "Bike Champions" who we think have taken bike advocacy for kids to the next level. Our first profiled Champion is a teacher at Buckingham Elementary in Burnaby, Liz Cramb. Click here to read more about her.

Liz Cramb is a Grade 5/6 Teacher at Buckingham Elementary in Burnaby.


We're seeking a qualified candidate for the role of Operations Coordinator starting March 2016. Please click here for further information about the position.

Does time come in a box? Not usually.











Carol Sartor, HASTe's North Shore Facilitator explores the benefits of "time well spent" at her job and with her kids in this week's special blog post. Read more after the break.

As we are entering the gift giving season, did you ever think, the best gift to give is your TIME?

Car Free Schools

This past spring, HASTe helped organize the first-ever Car Free Festivals in Vancouver for high schools. Great events to promote active travel and kick off a car-free summer. Click here to find out more.

Back to School & Back to the Future!

SPECIAL TO PARENTS. As the new school year approaches there's no better time to re-think the way your children travel to school. Travel behaviour is one of the hardest habits to change especially for families, so we've outlined a few small steps to help your family become the most active and healthy school commuters possible.

Marty McFly epitomized "Cool Routes to School"

Well before Marty McFly was jumping on and off of his hoverboard or in and out of his DeLorean time machine, walking and biking were the bes

Velo-city Global 2012

HASTe rolls in and rolls out of VeloCity better equipped than ever!  We spent all week at the International Cycling Conference in Vancouver and we couldn't be more excited about the future of cycling in BC! Especially for youth!

HASTe was fortunate enough to have a couple of presentations accepted as part of the conference.  Kerry Hamilton, Community Programs Manager preached the good word about Right to Bike: A P

Queensborough Middle School CAR FREE FESTIVAL

Queensborough Middle School in New Westminster celebrated their first ever Car Free Festival last week and WOW what a festival it was! Check out the slideshow...

A BIG THANK YOU to everybody who helped organize and make the festival a smash hit!

Debbie Jones, Principal QMS
Kim Johal, grade 5 teacher QMS

Singing in the Rain! Surrey school launches Extravaganza in Style!

Students and families from Berkshire Park Elementary School in Surrey were accompanied by Mayor Diane Watts on a rainy walk to school to help launch this year's Surrey Environmental Extravaganza!

This year Berkshire Park Elementary hosted the opening event for Surrey's 10th Annual Walk and Roll School Challenge.

How Bikes Make Cities Cool

Have you been to Portland lately? It could be one of the coolest cities in North America and now made even cooler by this video. We particularly like the footage of the school bike train (starting at 2:00). In fact, HASTE has some very exciting and similar projects on the go right here in BC.

In New Westminster we have developed a program based around the bike train idea called a Bike Pool, not to be mistaken with

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