The Future of Transportation in Metro Vancouver

With our work on schools and communities, HASTe doesn't often get to focus on the BIG picture. But in this case we'll make an exception, because something happened recently that will shape how people move around their neighborhoods, and the region, for years to come.

The Mayor's Council recently released its vision for the future of transportation investment and funding in Metro Vancouver. We have an overview of the highlights, and links to the details, after the break.

The investment plan developed by the Mayor'd Council will form the basis of a provincial referendum, scheduled for the Fall, on the future of transportation investment and funding in Metro Vancouver for the foreseeable future. The details of the plan can be found here, a 4 page overview can be found here and the Moving In a Liveable Region website does a great job of providing details, context and analysis - but if those sound like a lot of TL;DR, the Vancouver Mayor's office has created this handy infographic that covers both the big picture and key bits. Enjoy!

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