2013 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Active Healthy Kids Canada is a national organizations with a pretty clear mission (hint: its in their name). Every year they put out a Report Card that provides a comprehensive assessment of the current state of physical activity among Canadian children and youth.

This year's Report, entitled "Are We Driving Our Kids To Unhealthy Habits?" has a strong focus on active transportation. Active Healthy Kids Canada gives the country a D (down from a D+ last year) on the current state of active transportation activity for kids, but emphasizes that it is a key area in which quick gains can be made and long term impacts realized.

Learn more about this year's report after the break.

Like past reports, the 2013 version provides an excellent overview of the current state of physical activity for Canadian children at all levels. It looks at the national picture, breaks things down by types of activity and province, highlights successful programs and interventions, and provides recommendations for improvement. You can find a copy of the report, along with related media, on the Active Healthy Kids Canada website (though if you want a PDF copy of the full report, I would download it here).

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