SRTS Middle School Curriculum: Why it is Important and How to Make an Impact

Monday, July 30, 2012
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John Egberts, Assistant Director, Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program
Meg Thomas, Michigan Fitness Foundation, SRTS Director
Eileen Hyatt, Bicycle Alliance of Washington, Safe Routes to School Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education Program Instructor

In this webinar, we will discuss why it is so important to reach out to middle school students, why it is often so challenging to get through to them, and hear three examples of programs designed to make an impact on these preteens.

John Egberts, the Assistant Director of the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program provides some introductory remarks on why it is so important to continue educating students through middle school on pedestrian and bicycle safety. He will also provide some insight as to why it is so hard to reach this age group with ordinary lessons. John will present Florida’s approach to a middle school curriculum focused on advanced topics such as pre-drivers’ education, bike maintenance, health and nutrition, mapping and community connections.

Next, Meg Thomas from the Michigan Fitness Foundation will discuss their Make Trax Program which is geared toward middle school aged children and making the SRTS program “cool.” This wonderful program has 8 different lessons to hook the pre-teens’ interest including mapping technology, fieldwork lessons, how to gather data and photography.

Finally, Eileen Hyatt, board member of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, will present the Washington’s Safe Routes to School Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education Program.  The middle school curriculum contains 8 lessons on bicycle and pedestrian skills.   So far, 141 physical education teachers at 27 school districts in 18 counties in Washington State have received the two day training and equipment to implement the middle school curriculum. This first round of trained middle school teachers will reach an estimated 15,000 students each year. 

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