Spacing Interview with Mayor Gregor Robertson

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Vancouver's Mayor talks about the importance of safe walking and biking to and from school

Recently, City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson chatted with Spacing magazine about the importance of safe walking and biking routes to and from school.  Here is a caption from the interview.

"We have a huge bike network that is less intensive farther away from the core. We want to be sure that people feel safe wherever they are riding to and from. A key part of this is supporting kids walking and biking to and from school. Making sure that school hubs have safe routes and better bike infrastructure so parents don’t have to drive and we can reduce that danger. There are a lot of challenges with cars and kids being dropped off and safety issues. It’s an ongoing challenge that we want to take throughout the city."

"Those are next steps. Improving the whole network; focusing in and around schools; and, improving the “hot spots” in the network where safety is an issue, or connections and convenience can be improved."

Click here to read the entire interview.

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