PEDAL [Pedal Energy Development Alternatives] develops and promotes the use of pedal powered technology. We believe that bicycles and pedal driven technology are a key component to both reducing our negative environmental impact on the planet, and to improving the quality of life for people locally and globally.

PEDAL has several excellent and under-development educational programs. The most obvious and accessible of these is Our Community Bikes, which always has space available for customers to work on their own bikes with instruction from one (or, usually, more) of our mechanics/instructors. There's also the monthly Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance Workshop, which happens on the first Thursday of every month. In partnership with Trips for Kids Vancouver, PEDAL is running a youth program called Earn A Bike, a free 5 week long workshop that lets Vancouver youth build up - and keep! - their very own bicycle. And, finally, our staff can run workshops on demand for youth and community groups on bicycle mechanics, maintenance and safety.  See below for information on our  school programs and visit our website for further details.

After School Bikes!

After School Bikes! works to break down barriers keeping Vancouver youth from enjoying the social, health, environmental and recreational benefits of bikes.  The program partners with school to deliver FREE 2 hour in-class bicycle safety and maintenance workshops.  5 partner schools in 2008-9 have been confirmed and 10 partner schools in 2009-10 with 5 available spaces left. The program provides bikes, tools, maps, instructors. . . all we need is a space on-site to work and play.


  • Increase bicycle ridership at participating schools and at schools throughout Vancouver
  • Give students the skills an confidence necessary to ride their bike for transportation and recreation
  • Give students the skills necessary to repair and maintain the bikes
  • Give youth without access to bikes and opportunity to build and earn own for themselves
  • Support school cycling programs and events


Leanne Kavanaugh

Youth Earn-a-bike

Earn-A-Bike (EAB) is a FREE pre-employment experience as well as an out-of-school learning opportunity for Vancouver youth ages 12 to18. The Earn-A-Bike program gives youth a chance to build there very own bike, while learning basic bike mechanics and bike safety. Ongoing sessions are held throughout the year, with a new session starting ~ once every 6 weeks.  Staff are available to give in-class presentations about the program to outreach to youth.


  • Provide bicycles for young people who might not otherwise own one
  • Teach basic bike mechanics and safety skills, and to foster the increased self-sufficiency and mobility associated with these skills
  • Create a safe, supportive, and respectful environment for all participants
  • Provide pre-vocational training experience
  • Enhance self-esteem, leadership and life skills through mentoring
  • Raise awareness of healthy, economical and sustainable transportation choices
  • Allow volunteers to engage in their community while earning access to shop equipment
  • Build capacity and strengthen social networks within the community
  • Co-operate with partner organizations working towards common goals


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