Earth Matters Youth Initiatives

Earth Matters-Youth Initiatives delivers youth-driven environmental and socially just community projects in Nelson BC. We focus on developing and running innovative experiential education programs and community development programs, while providing meaningful work experience to youth, emphasizing youth environmental stewardship throughout.

What we do:

Earth Matters environmental projects offer young people unique opportunities to increase their employability, self-esteem, and capacity to effect change while learning group process and developing interpersonal effectiveness. Earth Matters. projects are also designed to be responsive to community needs: visible, educational, inspirational, sustainable and socially just.

Earth Matters involves itself in projects focusing on:

  • Sustainable Agriculture/Community Gardening
  • Waste Reduction / Composting
  • Environmental Education
  • Sustainable Building
  • Community Development
  • Social Justice

Earth Matters is an agency of Nelson CARES Society, a non-profit, registered charity which has been actively involved in community service and skills training in the Nelson area since 1974. Nelson CARES administers five other community agencies and programs whose mandates range from social justice advocacy to addictions prevention.

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